Monday, June 10, 2013

What’s Your Story?

These three words permeate my mind ever since I saw Anthony Robbins discussing the topic, as a part of his strategy for creating a personal breakthrough, on a Dr Oz show recently (May 2013).

It’s amazing how we may not even realize we’re stuck, until we’re prompted to think about something as simple as the story we’re telling others and ourselves about our lives.

And as Anthony briefly spoke about his life before success, he also mentioned a point where he realized that he had so much more potential than where he was.

And I could relate. Being someone who has grieved the loss of seven family members (including both parents) over the recent years, for a while my story wasn’t the greatest, as you can probably imagine. However, as important as it is to acknowledge and give a voice to our experiences, I realized I just didn’t want it or any other challenges to define me.

I would rather my mind be filled with my goals, dreams, successes and the many wonderful things in my life that I’m thankful for each day. We have a choice about what we want to ruminate about.

Coincidently, there was a discussion in a group on Linked In by someone that was doubtful about the Law of Attraction theory, and prompted others for their views. Mine was as follows:

"I can't say I've gone by any particular laws intentionally, but am realizing that I have in my own way without fully knowing it.

In line with what [member name] said, in the past I've found that when I can see and almost feel myself in a position I want to be (i.e. a job promotion or future goal, etc), it happens. It seems to stem from confidently believing it can be a reality.

I also recently heard Tony Robbins on Dr. Oz the other day talking about changing your story... What's your story about yourself? Is your description about yourself positive or negative (i.e. a lady on the show had weight issues, and that was the story she told herself and others about herself, and that became the theme of her life - being overweight defined who she was)?

Sometimes we get into a rut, and we have to remind ourselves about where we want to be, and really visualize and feel what it would be like. I also love visual action maps (a collage of your goals).

I believe that what you tell yourself about your beliefs about who you are or "your story" has a direct impact on your life in terms of what you achieve or limit yourself from achieving."

I genuinely believe we can achieve our dreams. And the more we believe and persevere (graciously), the more they become a reality.

It’s also interesting how when we’re ready to move forward we start noticing information in support of just that.

In addition to feeling blessed with having many inspiring people in my life, I’ve come across some equally inspiring reading (and free downloads) that I’d like to share with you.

For those of you that may be going through struggles, Paul Wittwer could probably relate, as he’s been at both ends of the pendulum in the face of many challenges, and has written a book called One Degree that has inspired thousands of people with his exceptional story.

And for the success minded, The Science of Success is another inspirational read.

The Master Key, which is apparently one of the original books The Secret was derived from, may also inspire you.

Finally, an oldie (1910), but apparently very influential, How to Live on 24 Hours a Day.

As a friend of mine says, “Onward and Upward!” Wishing all the best to you and your story. Happy Reading!